Welcome to my Personal Page

I am a marketing and automation specialist with 3+ years' of experience. My expertise includes AI, marketing automation, no-code automation, SEO, and content marketing.

About Me

My name is Joy Oguntona. Marketing and Automation Specialist with SEO and Content Marketing background.

Expertise in Content Marketing, SEO, Inbound Marketing, Email marketing, No-Code development, Marketing Automation, Workflow and Process Automation and AI automation and development.

Top Skills

Content Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Marketing Automation
AI Automation
No Code Development
Inbound Marketing
Email Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Personal Thoughts

Democratizing AI

Every day on X, Reddit and ProductHunt, someone somewhere launches another GPT wrapper.

Anomality of Systems

When things you don’t control, don’t work they way they should. Systems are sets of rules with predefined purposes.

LLM won’t be AGI

A bulldozer has just two functions, for moving or breaking things. All the versatility of a bulldozer revolves around this.

Side Projects


Letternerd is a free letter generator that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to craft heartfelt and personalized letters for all relationships.


Megaboarding is an online platfrom that makes it simple for brand ambassadors and influencers to discover and collaborate with brands.

Internal AI Blog Content Generator

An internal AI blog generator, which efficiently creates blog content. This tool automates the process of generating engaging and informative blog posts, saving time, cost and effort for the team.

Internal Podcast to Blogpost tool for Content Creation

An internal tool that helps transcribe podcasts into engaging blog contents using OpenAI GPT3.5 and Whisper. Built on No code tools and automations.

Internal Onboarding Document AI generator

An Internal tool that helps to create personalised onboarding documents and contracts for clients and employees using AI.

My Articles

How Automation Can Help Boost Small Businesses


Automation is one of the most talked about topics in business today. It's not just about using AI and robots to do tasks for us, but also about using technology to save time and money for businesses.

A New Path to Financial Inclusivity With Blockchain and Cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency is the future. It's not going away and it's here to stay. In fact, it has the potential to change how we all think about money and banking in general; from how it works to what it can do for our society as a whole.

Getting Started with Cold Storage for Crypto


We'll discuss the basics of cold storage—what it is and how it works. We'll also talk about why you should store your cryptocurrency offline, and how keeping your crypto in cold storage is one way to help keep it safe from hackers.

Democratizing AI


Every day on X, Reddit and ProductHunt, someone somewhere launches another GPT wrapper. From an Instagram caption generator to a Profile Picture Making app, it is one step forward in putting the power of AI into every individual on the planet. There are currently over 5 billion internet users, that is the potential number of people that can currently harness the capability of AI.

Current Obsessions

01. ChatGPT

To have access to an intelligent conversationalist who can provide a wealth of knowledge and information on a wide range of topics.

04. Hackernoon

To read and share informative and insightful articles about technology, startups and the latest trends and innovations in tech

05. Youtube

To discover endless entertainment, educational, and informative content on any topic imaginable, from experts and creators around the world.

02. Medium

To explore the world and gain a deeper understanding of different cultures, philosophy, and lifestyles.

03. X (Twitter)

To stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends, connect with like-minded individuals, engage in discussions, and express my thoughts and opinions in real-time to a global audience.

06. Canva

To unleash my creativity and design stunning graphics, presentations, and marketing materials with ease.